Copper Phosphorus Alloy

Our Phosphorus-Copper alloy is made of first quality copper and elemental yellow phosphorus free of residuals, such as iron, silicon, arsenic, selenium, nickel, tin, zinc, or lead. This master alloy is used as deoxidant and alloying agent in the copper industry and has also applications in the aluminum, bronze and brass industry.

Several synonyms exist for Copper Phosphorus alloy products :

  • copper phosphorus alloy shot
  • phosphorus copper
  • phosphorus-copper
  • copper-phos shot
  • phosphor copper
  • phos copper
  • phosphorus-copper alloy shot
  • CuP
  • copper phosphorus brazing alloys
  • deoxidized copper

Phosphorus-Copper is produced in two different forms:

Phosphor Copper Shots


3-6 mm

7-15 mm

Shots, also called granules, of different calibration are produced for the Phosphorus-Copper 15%. We offer these shots in three different standard sizes (<3mm, 3-6mm and 7-15mm). Besides these standard sizes we are able to answer your specific industrial needs with a particular offer. The shots are packed in drums of approximately 900kg each.

Waffle plates

Waffle plates : circa 12kg/pc
dimensions : 300 x 220 x 30mm

Available form for
CuP10 and CuP15

Plates, sometimes called waffle plates, are produced for the Phosphorus-Copper 10% and 15%. Their weight is approximately 12kgs each and their dimension is 300 x 220 x 30mm. The plates are packed and strapped on pallets.

Our production is compliant with highest European standards. We can ensure a grade A product with the lowest level of impurities for both Phosphorous-Copper 10%, or CuP10, (norm CM215E) and Phosphorous-Copper 15%, or CuP15, (norm CM217E). More information about these norms can be found in the table below.

CuP10 (normes CM215E/CM216E)

CuP15 (normes CM217E/CM218E/CM219E)

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